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Genesis West is committed to producing high quality stimulating plays by contemporary playwrights while showcasing the work of Santa Barbara’s best actors, directors, designers, artists and musicians in a supportive environment.

The Pillowman

Advertising Opportunities

Genesis West will be presenting two plays this year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Each production runs for three weeks, a total of ten performances, at The Center Stage Theatre, in the heart of the Santa Barbara downtown cultural district at the Paseo Nuevo Mall. Performances run Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings with a Sunday matinee.

Audience numbers vary from 700 to 1000 people per production. These are 700 to 1000 people who go to Genesis West plays! That means they are enthusiastic, literate, culturally aware, educated, sophisticated yet hip, and have disposable income. Aren’t those the very people you want more of for your business?

Please contact for more information.


Lieutenant of Inishmore


Be a part of Genesis West! We are looking for volunteers with a passion for theatre and a few hours to share. Do you enjoy wearing black clothes and being really quiet backstage? Do you like to help transport things in your really big truck? Is your idea of a fun night sitting in a dark booth pushing buttons? Do you own a building that has a nice big clean open space where we can rehearse? Would you like to be invited to a gathering where we do fun things like put stamps on postcards? If so let us know and be part of Genesis West! Please contact: to get involved.