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Founded in March 1998 by writer-director Michael Smith and director Maurice Lord, Genesis West is a Santa Barbara theatre company devoted to the work of contemporary playwrights. To date, Genesis West has presented fourteen plays in Santa Barbara: “The Pillowman” by Martin McDonagh, Sam Shepard’s “The God of Hell” and “Buried Child”; Edward Albee’s “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?”; “Blue Heart” and “Far Away” by Caryl Churchill, Michael Smith’s “Trouble,” “Dogs Bark All Night,” and “Turnip Family Secrets”; Canadian playwright George F. Walker’s “Criminal Genius,” “Featuring Loretta,” and “Escape from Happiness”; and two plays by Maria Irene Fornes, “Mud” and “The Danube.” Productions have been seen at both Center Stage Theater and the Lobero Theatre. Numerous Indie awards have celebrated the work of the company. Genesis West, today a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation, continues its tradition of presenting stimulating plays by contemporary writers.

Blue Heart

Mission Statement

The mission of Genesis West is to present transgressive plays by contemporary noted playwrights in order to make Santa Barbara a more artistically vibrant community. Our thought-provoking work is often audacious, experimental, avant-garde, and even farcical, but it always has a greater purpose—to enlighten audiences emotionally, psychologically, and socially.

The God of Hell

Independent Theatre Awards

Brian Harwell The Designated Mourner
Maurice Lord The Designated Mourner

Tim Hinshaw

Brian Harwell A Number
Maurice Lord A Number

Amanda Berning- Curse of the Starving Class

Brian Harwell- Lieutenant of Inishmore
Maurice Lord- Lieutenant of Inishmore
Rebecca Ridenour- Lieutenant of Inishmore

Joe Jordan – Bug

Jeff Mills – The Pillowman
Fred Lehto – The God of Hell
Michael Smith – The God of Hell

Leslie Gangl Howe – The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?

Maurice Lord – Blue Heart
Tal Sanders (assisted by Anne McMeeking) – Blue Heart
Michael Smith – Blue Heart

Joe Woodard – Turnip Family Secrets

George Backman – The Danube
Jakub Omsky- The Danube
Noah Harpster- Mud
Maurice Lord – Mud
ClairMarie Mallory – Escape From Happiness
David Brainard – Escape from Happiness

Fred Lehto – Criminal Genius
ClairMarie Mallory – Featuring Loretta

Larry Williams – Buried Child